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Rymanów is a small health resort located in the eastern part of the Low Beskids on the Rymanowskie Hills. It consists of several hundred small peaks ranging between 300 and 500 meters in height. Our wine grows on mixed brown-podzolic soils formed on a slate substrate enabling medium or good drainage, which is categorised as class III and IV. What distinguishes Vineyard Rymanów are south-facing slopes with the gradient of about 8%, guaranteeing longer exposure to the sunshine. This in combination with mineral-rich groundwater, favourable microclimate and long, often counting over 220 days growing season create the perfect conditions for a modern vineyard.

The style of our wines is developed and curated by Piotr Stopczyński – an artist among oenologists. Piotr knows every vine from the root to its tops, he recognises and appreciates ​​the quality of fruit and can extract the quintessence of taste from them. The rest is done by us, after all every master needs an apprentice.