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Until recently, galleries were temples of art. However, artists refuse to be pidgeon-holed, and the urge to escape the narrow walls and frames was stronger and turned the public spaces into the largest galleries in the world. Street art provides a platform for examining social and political issues, it’s often controversial, raw and provocative, it questions the conventions and the current status quo and most importantly observes and examines the world around us. However, the story has now come full circle and the greatest examples of work manifesting the street art ethos are displayed in galleries. A group of prominent Polish street artists collaborated with us to find a novel way of reaching wide audiences – through our custom designed wine labels. Before you taste the wine spend some time appreciating the work of artists who are admired in the greatest galleries worldwide but more importantly on the city walls and now on our wine bottles providing unique and unforgettable experience.

Chazme 718

Chazme Daniel Kaliński (born in 1980 in Switzerland) entered Polish graffiti scene as early as the nineties. The influence of graffiti, and later street art drives him to this day, this can be seen on large-format murals as well as and canvases created in the sanctum of his studio. Kalinski describes his style as a continuous evolution influenced by his time at the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. He remains fascinated urban landscape which results in fascinating examination of form. Geometric, cubic and architectural motifs create bewitching zones ready for trips into the depths of imagination. One of Kalinski’s works can be seen on XXXX


Sepe or Michał Wręga, made his first steps in street art in 1996. Like almost everyone at the time, he started expressing himself through traditional graffiti before moving to street art. Over time, Sepe evolved, creating complex characters and exploring new media, techniques and motifs reflecting contemporary culture and society. Today, Wręga is a well-established artist who translates his vision of the world into his own artistic language. Wręga’s art can be described as a combination of intelligent irony with unique form approached with an unapologetic boldness, so characteristic for the street artists. Each of his works is just a pretext to experiment, inviting a viewer to question the world, society, culture and above all the human condition. One of Sepe’s work is created especially for Blanc’8.

Robert Proch

Robert Proch was one of the most promising artist of contemporary art scene, who tragically died in July 2019 at age of 33. Proch emerged from street art leaving behind numerous murals in Poland and abroad, which are becoming shines to his talent. However, he was also a painter and animator, whose work are displayed worldwide, in galleries including Rome, Paris and Los Angeles. In 2014 he had a solo exhibition in London gallery owned by street art dealer Steve Lazarides, who introduced Banky’s to the world. Proch described himself as a street artist, who spent most of his time in his studio. His uncompromising approach to capture the complexity of life was met with momentum and the explosion of colour. It resulted in visual landscapes combining figurative and abstract presented in various formats ranging from murals to animated miniatures and now our custom design wine label. Proch graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. He created his first handstyle graffiti in hometown of Bydgoszcz before discovering his true focus. The story of contemporary man, the process of transition and change were explored through colour capturing the motion and frozen stillness. We are honoured be able to share Proch’s works with you, on the labels of our Rouge’7.


Bartek Światecki introduced himself to wide audience in 1996, when graffiti tagged “Pener” started to appear on walls of his home city. Paner’s individual style was refined at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, which he graduated with honours. Pener’s unique method of coding and transforming space is recognisable at the first glance. The essence of Pener’s creativity is a mix of geometric shapes with bold and expressive colours. He is considered one of the leading representatives of Graffuturyzm. Pener’s work is a study of depth, three-dimensionality created with street expression and panache, one of them is dedicated to Rouge’17.


Łukasz Habiera “Nawer” was born in 1980. Graffiti accompanied his journey into adulthood and helped him to finding is artistic voice. From the very beginning, Nawer’s work was inextricably linked to the space in which he created. This symbiosis was expressed in the concept, style, colours and unique energy of each individual piece. The fascination with space and the influence form his student days at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow University of Technology helped Nawer to approach the space from different perspectives. His work is characterised by clear line, expansion of space and coolness of colour. We are really proud that he prepared one of the works especially for Vert’8.


Wojciech Kołacz / Otecki as early as 1990s decided that the city will be his canvass and gallery for his art. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Eugeniusz Gepperta in Wrocław. His work can be found on Polish and European walls including: Lyon, Dresden, Wrocław, Besancon, Lille, Kraków, Gdańsk, Katowice, Warsaw and Gdynia. Otecki uses traditional folk forms and techniques and draws inspiration from nature, oral history, songs, legends and myths. He deconstructs to create his one language of symbols, which allows him to search for the supernatural qualities of human existence using a unique pallet of colour. In his own words, he wants to “build a tension by combining (…) spiritual values, universalism with contemporary globalism. With real pride, we present his work on Name’XX


Łukasz Berger graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, where under the academic supervision of prof. Janusz Kucharski he developed his individual understanding and perception of person-space relationship. Experimentation, investigation and deconstruction of form and convention are the terms one can use to try and define Berger’s works – merely try as his concepts slide out of every frame. Cekas is an artist looking for relationships and tension between the material of artwork and space in which it is located. He expresses himself through graffiti, murals, sculpture or installations, creating multifaceted narratives about places, time and people walking in the streets which he transforms into a gallery of metaphors.

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Effervescent wines ’8 are made traditionally. Aging of wine on sediment is longer and lasts up to


Vert’8 has a deep flowery bouquet of jasmine flower, apple preserve and ripe pear over pleasing so


Rouge’7 showcases the aromas of typically Polish fruits – July sweet cherry, sour cherry and blu



Rouge’8 is dominated by aromas of ripe forest fruit and blueberry, intertwined with ripe sweet che


Doré’8 showcases the aromas of ripe apples, pears and apricots; subtle hints of verbena create a


Blanc’8 is dominated by aromas of lime, lemon peel, fresh yellow transparent apple and nectarine,


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Gris’8 – Intertwining aromas of ripe apricot and apple combined with refreshing white pepper and

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