The idea of Art & Wine is to bring together the finest Polish wine and the best in Polish street art.

What’s behind this concept? Street art is exciting new trend which attracted the attention of critics, dealers and galleries but its appeal extends the cognoscenti and has something for everyone.


Until recently, galleries were temples of art.

However, the story has now come full circle and the greatest examples of work manifesting the street art ethos are displayed in galleries. A group of prominent Polish street artists collaborated with us to find a novel way of reaching wide audiences – through our custom designed wine labels.

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Come for the Taste, Stay for the Lifestyle. Discover plenty of wines


Effervescent wines ’8 are made traditionally. Aging of wine on sediment is longer and lasts up to


Vert’8 has a deep flowery bouquet of jasmine flower, apple preserve and ripe pear over pleasing so


Rouge’7 showcases the aromas of typically Polish fruits – July sweet cherry, sour cherry and blu



Rouge’8 is dominated by aromas of ripe forest fruit and blueberry, intertwined with ripe sweet che


Doré’8 showcases the aromas of ripe apples, pears and apricots; subtle hints of verbena create a


Blanc’8 is dominated by aromas of lime, lemon peel, fresh yellow transparent apple and nectarine,


, , ,

Gris’8 – Intertwining aromas of ripe apricot and apple combined with refreshing white pepper and


Rymanów is a small health resort located in the eastern part of the Low Beskids on the Rymanowskie Hills.

Our wine grows on mixed brown-podzolic soils formed on a slate substrate enabling medium or good drainage, which is categorised as class III and IV

What distinguishes Vineyard Rymanów are south-facing slopes with the gradient of about 8%, guaranteeing longer exposure to the sunshine. This in combination with mineral-rich groundwater, favourable microclimate and long, often counting over 220 days growing season create the perfect conditions for a modern vineyard.

The style of our wines is developed and curated by Piotr Stopczyński – an artist among oenologists. Piotr knows every vine from the root to its tops, he recognises and appreciates ​​the quality of fruit and can extract the quintessence of taste from them. The rest is done by us, after all every master needs an apprentice.

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